Ziggler Wants Kingston In Steel Cage Following Super ShowDown Loss

After failing to capitalize and defeat Kofi Kingston at Super ShowDown on Friday, Dolph Ziggler called out Kingston and Xavier Woods over his loss for the WWE Championship.

“I demand another match with Kofi,” he says. “I want Kofi in a steel cage!”

Dolph Sticking Around?

After some great promo work after a long absence from WWE, Ziggler looks to be sticking around a little longer in WWE than expected. The assumption was that after his match with Kingston, he’d depart again from WWE and the feud would go back to being Kingston vs Kevin Owens. Ziggler’s promo suggests otherwise.

This isn’t great news for Owens, but the thought is he’ll get another shot. This is great news for Ziggler fans who are tired of not using him properly and seeing him come and go. Ziggler in the main event scene of WWE is a welcome change.

The announcers then said everyone would wait to see if that match challenge would be made official.

How Long is Ziggler Around?

There’s no telling exactly how long Ziggler will stick around and perhaps this run will last only as long as the match being announced, happening and ending. WWE seems to like Kingston as the champion and while rumors were Brock Lesnar might cash in and swerve the audience, that didn’t happen.

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