Zelina Vega Says: “”Uhm no” To Being Pregnant

Diehard WWE fans are probably aware Zelina Vega and Aleister Black recently got married. Now back from their honeymoon, both are in full swing as members of the Raw roster post the WWE Superstar Shake-up.

While the manager for Andrade and trying to help him make his way to the main event on the red brand, on Friday, Vega took to Twitter to discuss the fact that she was getting sick more than she’d like and despite taking Vitamin IV treatments, wondered, “Why is it that I’ve been getting sick what feels like once a month?! I hate this. I even did one of those vitamin IV treatments with extra vitaC, but I still feel miserable.”

It didn’t take long with more than 100 comments for Vega to see one she had to shoot down almost immediately. One response was “May wanna take a test. Might have a little Aleister on the way.” The suggestion was that maybe Vega was pregnant?

That’s an emphatic no.

Vega wasted no time in responding, saying, “Uhm no. You clearly don’t know the difference between being flu-like sick and needing vitamin c vs. pregnancy morning sickness. And even if I did, I sure wouldn’t be tweeting about it. So, let’s kill that rumor right now.”

While it might not have been the type of comment that warranted what feels like a frustrated response from Vega, she clearly doesn’t want people thinking she’s having a baby. Perhaps it’s concern that WWE would get an idea that she’d need time off and that’s not something she or Black would want right now as they try to work their way up the roster.

For both stars, their focus is on WWE and while a baby may be on the cards, eventually, it clearly isn’t right now.

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