Zack Ryder Shoots to Top Of Pro-Wrestling Tees Sales After Releasing New Shirt

It didn’t take long for Matt Cardona (zack Ryder) to go on the offensive after being released by WWE. He turned what was his firing into what seems to be a very profitable venture.

After commenting on his release, Ryder released a t-shirt on the Pro-Wrestling Tees website that immediately went to No. 1 in sales for the site. It took less than 24 hours for his “Not There” shirt to skyrocket up a very deep list of merchandise sales and he tweeted, “Thank you! #NotThere,”

We reported yesterday hints that Cody Rhodes might have interest in Cardona for AEW and if Cody’s response to the shirt sales is any indication, those rumors were only gaining more steam. Cody wrote, “Damn! He got to the top that fast?”

Ryder is one of the many names of released talents that fans believe didn’t quite get a fair shake in WWE and would excel in AEW. Whether or not AEW has the funds to add anyone at this time is unclear but it has to be assumed the company might grab one or two talents, Cardona possibly being among them.

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