XFL Shuts Down, Ceases All Operations

Another attempt and another seemingly big “x” on their record, it appears the XFL has launched and failed again. This time, it’s not all necessarily on the league.

It was announced Friday that the XFL will cease all operations immediately. Per a news conference with COO Jeffery Pollock, the league will not be returning for the 2021 season and all major employees have been let go.

The XFL was WWE Chairman Vince McMahon’s attempt to bring an alternative football league to fans while the NFL was not operating. The first time through, the league made incredibly poor decisions that earned the brand a bad reputation. The second time around, XFL has fared much better. Still, ratings were declining and when the COVID-19 virus hit, that spelled impending doom for the league.

It was announced that all fans will be allowed a return of their 2021 ticket investment after the first season was postponed after week five and as the pause on sports and entertainment has lasted longer than expected, it seemed clear the idea of an alternative football seasons wasn’t going to work.

There is a chance the league could return at some point but it doesn’t sound like there’s an immediate plan or urgency to get things rolling again.

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