WWE’s Latest Masterpiece: Bray Wyatt Firefly Fun House

More often than not, I’m the first to criticize moves made by WWE when it comes to character creation or storyline ideas for some of the company’s biggest talents. The return of Bray Wyatt was no exception. I figured, with almost certainty, WWE was going to screw this one up.

I was pleasantly surprised when “The Firefly Fun House” made its way to my television. It took my eyes and ears a second to adjust, but once I did, I realized WWE might have absolutely nailed Bray’s re-debut, even if most fans don’t see it yet and if the idea is insanely absurd.

What did WWE fans just witness?

I understand that upon initial viewing, the Wyatt video was a lot to take in. Most fans will have asked, ‘What the hell did I just watch?’. That’s a fair reaction. A good chunk of the WWE Universe is not sold.

But, if you watch the video back another time (I’ve added it to this post above for your viewing pleasure) you’ll notice a few things that, as a WWE fan, you should appreciate:

WWE and Bray Wyatt Are Going For It

Before writing this feature post, I stepped back, gave it some thought and I’m in total agreement with Wyatt on this one… Yowy Wowy!

Yes, not only do I think this will be a success, I think it could be huge. Not everyone will feel the same, and that’s fine, but what you can’t argue is the fact Wyatt and Vince are putting all their chips in on this one and going for it.


Anyone who offers up that they saw something like this coming is lying. A blending of Blue Clues meets Pee Wee’s Playhouse meets Nightmare on Elm Street or Texas Chainsaw Massacre is not what fans predicted, even after seeing the strange puppets week after week. Kudos, WWE, you got us.

And, from watching this video, it’s easy to see Wyatt is fully committed to making the idea work. He was engaging, charismatic, completely creepy and absolutely what you wouldn’t want your kids watching if you walked into a room and realized this is what was on the Disney or Family Channel.

Innocent looking on the outside, Wyatt is here to scare the pants off and corrupt your children, even as he’s trying to entertain them.

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The Wyatt We Knew Is Still There

One of the best parts of this entire idea is that WWE hasn’t thrown out the baby with the bathwater. Wyatt repeatedly referred to his old character, calling it an evil and bad man. It was a man this version of Wyatt will never bring back.

Only he will… and we can all wait eagerly for the day it happens.

Instead of just bringing Wyatt back and pushing him, only to see him fade; WWE will slowly feed fans the idea that the old Wyatt is gone and is being buried (as best as possible) by this newer, “kid-friendly” Wyatt, who in a PG era, will turn out to be anything but kid-friendly.

“Hurt Heal” gloves, evil puppets, and chainsaws will slowly, but surely infiltrate the sanctuary for Wyatt’s fireflies. What he wants to be a safe place will be anything but and Wyatt will make us love every minute of that transition. His character probably won’t understand what he’s doing wrong and his puppets will play a significant role, but that might be half the fun in watching. This will be a literal playground for Wyatt’s ideas and we’re all about to bare witness.

Just look at the still shot of Wyatt holding the chainsaw in the short snippet on WWE’s Twitter page. It’s both absolutely encapsulating and incredibly creepy at the same time. There’s not another person in WWE who could pull this off.

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Just Sit Back and Enjoy

Again, this might be hard for fans to do if they’ve already convinced themselves this idea will flop. My advice? Give it time.

I get the feeling Wyatt will surprise us and quickly, these short episodes of FireFly Fun House will be the most anticipated parts of the Raw each week. Imagine what he’ll do if WWE lets him run with this.

He could have guests, he could bring the show to the ring for a live promo or two and he could go absolutely anywhere and no one will be shocked. To me, this is a lot like a skit from Edge and Christian’s Show That Totally Wreaks of Awesomeness on WWE Network show, only WWE is investing in this working on a major level.

It is possible WWE overwrites this, but it’s also possible Vince doesn’t understand the box he’s allowed Bray to open. And, if he gives him the freedom to make this his own, it could be the best, and strangest decision WWE makes all year.

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