WWE’s Approach To Superstars Trying To Get Fired For Wellness Policy Violations

A recent report suggests things between WWE and its disgruntled WWE Superstars has gotten so bad, some of these stars are going to dangerous extremes to get fired.

While there’s no confirmation that any of the rumored unhappy names — like Luke Harper, The Revival, Sasha Banks — are connected to this story, Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio that he knows of at least two Superstars who have tried to use WWE’s three-strike policy on Wellness Violations to get terminated from their current contracts.

Unfortunately for them, WWE is wise to what’s going on and rumors backstage are that the tactic won’t work, Instead, WWE is using these attempts as a way to set an example and make the lives of these Superstars even less pleasant than they deem them to already be.

With such widespread reports that talent, writers, producers and other employees are miserable in WWE, it’s no surprise that people might come up with some creative ways to get out their deals. Meltzer says at that at least two stars have approached him about this idea. One suggested they tried extremely hard to get fired and it didn’t work, the other was warned off from trying by Meltzer because there’s already buzz WWE is onto the tactic and firing back.

WWE has the option to send violators to rehab, fine them or just not test them. They can choose any response they want and if they are suspicious that a Superstar is attempting such a tactic, things will get unpleasant in a hurry.

Meltzer wrote:

WWE’s wise to it and they’re not gonna fire you when they know that’s your gimmick, so that’s the deal. They’re not gonna fire you unless they want you to go.”

So Now What?

The reality is here, this is a dangerous game both sides are playing if this is true. Superstars taking drugs or banned substances just to get caught is ridiculous when you think about it. That they feel this is the only option left is even more ridiculous.

WWE and their talent need to figure things out. Vince needs to understand what his Superstars are so unhappy and help figure out a way to work with them. And, if these stars are simply being entitled babies, let them leave. You don’t want these stars infesting your locker room anyways and karma is a bi–h. Sinking this low to get fired will catch up to these people no matter where they go and what promotion they work for.

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