WWE Writing Romantic Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville Storyline?

If you saw footage from the Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville segment on Tuesday, you might come to the conclusion WWE is testing out the beginnings of a storyline that would see Deville and Rose in a romantic relationship. We got that sense too.

Deville defeated Ember Moon on Tuesday’s SmackDown Live with an assist from her best friend Mandy Rose. But, if the interaction during the celebration over the victory means anything, are these two more than friends?

Rose looked romantically at Deville while Deville brushed back Mandy’s hair and returned the glance.


From the way that segment was produced, either these two are already in a romantic relationship and WWE is writing the story so that their relationship becomes news, or both Rose and Deville are starting to realize they have these feelings for one another.

This is not the first time this idea has been teased as Rose has looked at Deville in some interesting ways during recent segments. And, that WWE is finally getting here with their programming shouldn’t be surprising as Stephanie McMahon mentioned that WWE would be writing storylines that dealt with LGBTQ topics.

It’s About Time, WWE

Very much an inclusive company, Deville is open about being gay and often shows her support of the gay community. And, from the reaction to the video on social media, most fans are in support of WWE taking on a topic of this nature on one of its flagship shows.

As long as WWE proceeds with caution and respect on this topic, this is a great idea.

A growing segment of the WWE Universe would like to see their sexuality represented on WWE programming and with two people like Sonya and Mandy, it seems logical they would ensure any ideas and angles brought forward were done in a tasteful way.

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