WrestleMania 35: Kofi Kingston Wins WWE Championship

Kofi Kingston has reached the pinnacle of his WWE Career.

After 11 years of hard work, multiple mid-card Championship reigns and a prolific run as a member of the New Day, Kingston has officially reached the top of the mountain and has become the WWE Champion.

Kingston would beat Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35 in one of the most feel-good moments WWE has seen in years. Kingston would work his way into the Championship picture with Bryan at WrestleMania and WWE did a great job at telling the story to get the entire fan base behind him.

Bryan himself also deserves credit for the impressive heel work he did, though nobody deserve more credit than Kingston who elevated himself from support player to World Champion.

While Kingston may not appear to be the prototypical WWE Champion, he’s certainly earned himself a WrestleMania moment. Kingston would grab the brass ring in a big way and is going to be standing atop the mountain on SmackDown Live on Tuesday as the new face of the brand.

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