WWE: Stephanie McMahon to Make WrestleMania Announcement on Raw

With less than one week remaining until WrestleMania 35, everything should finally come to a head in the take-home episodes of both Monday Night Raw and Tuesday’s SmackDown Live.

This much already promises to be true as WWE has announced that Stephanie McMahon will be live on Raw on Monday to make an an announcement regarding the Main Event of WrestleMania involving Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey, Becky Lynch and SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

This was expected given the fact that Flair won the SmackDown Live title a week ago which caused a shockwave throughout the WWE Universe. With the SmackDown Live Championship around Charlotte’s waist, it opened the door for a plethora of possibilities.

Among these possibilities were Charlotte having her own match at WrestleMania, effectively making the Raw Title match becoming a singles contest, the triple-threat match remaining as it was intended to be or making the match a winner-takes-all match for both championship belts.

The latter seems to be a foregone conclusion at this point. It feels like it’s far too late into the season to add another Championship match, rendering all of the buildup to the Main Event being a triple-threat match a waste. It also seems like this is WWE’s chance to make a bonafide superstar out of Lynch, Flair or Rousey with the potential for a new Undisputed Champion.

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If WWE is wise, they’ll capitalize on this situation and make the announcement Monday night. The Main Event already has an epic level of hype surrounding it and adding this final layer could be all that it needs to be put over the top. If WWE wants another classic WWE moment on their hands, this is the way they have to do it.

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