WWE Working on Something With Rapper Cardi B?

Cardi B’s social media account posted a video and followup tweets where she offered her appreciation for professional wrestling and the WWE. Right on cue, WWE started teasing the idea of Cardi B and the sports entertainment giant working together. The idea seems to be a possible collaboration for SummerSlam.

In the video posted on WWE”s YouTube page, WWE Now said, “Cardi unintentionally started a social media frenzy when she tweeted a video out a few weeks back. It led to one Twitter user jokingly asking why she was rapping in the old General Manager’s office from the classic WWE video game SmackDown vs. Raw.’

Cardi then drew a lot of attention from wrestling fans and WWE Superstars when she quoted, “I lie, I cheat, I steal.” Outside of professing her appreciation for Eddie Guerrero, she said she was a big fan of a number of other stars.

Current wrestlers like Booker T, Dolph Ziggler, Dana Brooke and Carmella all started responding to her tweets which got the ball rolling on an idea for a relationship between Cardi and WWE. Carmella even tweeted a photo of an outfit she wore in appreciation of Cardi’s Invasion of Privacy album.

Will Carmella and Cardi B Team Up?

This may happen but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t. At best, maybe Cardi comes to the ring with Carmella and is in her corner for a match. Cardi B wrestling is likely not happening.

Still, the crossover would certainly be good publicity for WWE as mainstream media would pick up this story and Cardi has a ton of followers. Carmella and Cardi B make sense as a pairing and sticking R-Truth in there as well would be nothing but hilarious.

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