[Report] WWE Won’t Kiss Sasha Banks’ Ass To Keep Her

More and more news comes out daily as it pertains to the situation between WWE and Sasha Banks. Rumors range from the WWE Superstar having a tantrum and leaving with her ball (something Corey Graves referenced on Raw this week) to her simply being on vacation.

She’s posted social media updates calling fans “Marks” only to remove the tweets, her tag team partner Bayley was moved to SmackDown Live, signalling the split between the Boss ‘N Hug Connection, and reports are that WWE is hoping to have her back by Money In the Bank in May.

A recent update to the situation comes from Brad Shepard of Oh, You Didn’t Know, who sources WWE as thinking Banks has been nothing but childish during this mess, but I’d rightfully mad that she’s not being pushed since she dropped the tag titles.

Further to that, reports of both Bayley and Sasha Banks laying on the floor in the locker room before WrestleMania and in front of one of their hotel rooms to show dissatisfaction over losing the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles has been verified by multiple sources. Concern now is that Bayley is mixed in with Banks’ misbehaving and it could affect her standing in WWE.

Dave Meltzer said Banks is booked for the next pay-per-view but that Vince McMahon also reportedly said that they are not going to kiss Sasha Banks’ ass in the process so she does return.

What’s Next for Banks and WWE?

It’s hard to imagine this all being accurate reporting but something is certainly wrong between WWE and Banks. We’ll have more as this situation clarifies itself. For now, it should be assumed, if true, Vince won’t be quick to let Banks out of her contract if that is indeed what she’s looking to have happen.

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