WWE: Undertaker Returns on Raw

Elias may not be able to rap, but he may have a career in fortune telling.

When Elias came out to insult John Cena, he’d make a “dead man” reference. Within seconds, the infamous bell of the Undertaker’s theme song would strike and the deadman himself would stand face to face with Elias in the ring.

Undertaker may have been absent from WrestleMania for the first time in nearly two decades but he still managed to show up the next night on Raw in shocking fashion. Elias would start to leave the ring, ultimately deciding to stand his ground with Undertaker instead.

Elias would end up on the receiving end of a big boot followed by a chokeslam before Undertaker removed his jacket and called for the tombstone piledriver, capping it off with a pin and a three-count that was called by the crowd in attendance.

Nobody can evoke quite the same reaction as the Undertaker.

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