WWE: Undertaker Beats Goldberg at Super ShowDown

After weeks of buildup and years of dreaming about this match, Undertaker and Goldberg finally squared off in a wrestling ring for the first time in history. The two are both icons of their respective companies in WWE and WCW and were major players in the Monday Night Wars that took place so many decades prior to this match finally taking place.

In the end, Undertaker would win the match and would come out standing tall as Goldberg was left weak and bloody from the contest following a chokeslam finish.

While the match featured various high spots, including multiple spears, chokeslams and the like, this clearly wasn’t the spectacle fans would have loved to see 20 years ago when these two were in their prime. Instead, fans got two wrestling legends both well past their prime and age 50-plus, many years removed from being active competitors on any wrestling roster.

While the match was fun, it did look like the finish was botched and like Goldberg may have actually been suffering as a result of blood loss. When combining his age, the blood loss and the fact that he’s spent so many years away from a wrestling ring outside of his short return to the company in 2016-17, it’s no wonder why the 52-year-old Goldberg would leave the ring very shortly after the final pinfall.

As was the case for much of the event and every other Saudi Arabia show that’s taken place in the past for WWE, this show and match had very little consequence on the grand scheme of things. Advertised as a WrestleMania-type show, the end result of these events in Saudi Arabia often resemble that of a live event with bigger names on the card given the lack of long-term impact.

Also pyrotechnics. Can’t forget the pyrotechnics.

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