WWE: Ciampa Told He’ll Return on Borrowed Time

Tommaso Ciampa has had a rollercoaster of a year. Recently injured and forced to vacate his NXT Championship after holding it for 237 days, he would take to Twitter on Monday to go over his injury history and reveal the fact that he was told that, if he was to return again, he’d be doing so on borrowed time.

“In May of 2017 they told me that no one has ever had three major surgeries in a 12 week span and returned at a competitive level.

I returned to the most successful run of my career.

This week I should be preparing to walk into the main event of Takeover New York on Wrestlemania weekend as the NXT Champion. This match meant more to me than anyone will ever understand.

The opportunity was taken away from me.

In March of 2019 they told me that if I returned then I will be on borrowed time.

To be continued…

Tommaso Ciampa via Twitter

When Ciampa returned from injury as a single’s competitor on NXT, he became one of the best and most believable heel characters in the business. Breaking a partnership and friendship with teammate and best friend Johnny Gargano and re-creating his entire persona, he changed the trajectory of his career from mid-card talent to legitimate main-event superstar.

Unfortunately, this was all taken away from Ciampa after the former NXT Champion was forced to undergo surgery to repair his severely damaged neck; a surgery that will likely require 12 months to recover from.

For Ciampa, getting to the top of the wrestling industry seems inevitable. Injuries or not, he’s overcome every obstacle necessary to get to where he is and he’s already proven that he’s willing to put in the work to reach his goals.

Injuries Still Remain a Concern for Ciampa

The severity of Ciampa’s injury is certainly concerning and the escalated timeline to get the surgery done should also be noted. While WWE, Ciampa and Triple H knew that the injury was present, the rapid decline in Ciampa’s health meant that fixing the problem sooner than later was of the utmost importance.

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Triple H spoke about this injury and the Main Event of NXT TakeOver New York and alluded to the fact that this was the only real option.

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