WWE To Play Out Reigns’ Attacker Story Long-Term

The original plan seemed to be to tease someone attacking Roman Reigns and have that someone square up with Reigns at SummerSlam. Like anything in WWE, plans can change.

With little time until SummerSlam comes and goes for WWE, the company may go in another direction and let the attacker storyline play out long-term. Instead of rushing the reveal, WWE will tease everyone from Buddy Murphy, to Samoa Joe, Daniel Bryan, Rowan and possibly, a few other names and faces.

At first, thought to be an accident, this past Monday on Raw, it became clear someone was legitimately going after Reigns and trying to take him out. Like a good who-done-it, WWE pointed most people at Samoa Joe. They then made the storyline progress in a direction to suggest it wasn’t Joe. WWE then dropped hints that it might be Murphy or Rowan as both were seen in the playback footage of the backstage attack.

Daniel Bryan has denied either he or Rowan being involved.

So if Bryan didn’t do it, and Joe or Murphy didn’t do it, who did? With only four days until SummerSlam, that doesn’t give WWE a lot of time to close the story on this if they insist on having Reigns battle his attacker at the company’s biggest pay-per-view of the summer.

A recent report by PWInsider seems to suggest WWE is slowing the train on this idea. Word going around backstage at SmackDown last night was that the planned Reigns vs. Bryan singles match will likely be dropped and Bryan may not be the attacker when all is said and done.

WWE was going to throw a tag match on the card where Reigns and Samoa Joe would face Rowan and Bryan, but that too may be thrown out the window so as not to rush the angle.

A Good Idea by WWE

It doesn’t always happen and more often than not things get rushed or dropped altogether but it sounds like WWE is going to invest time and effort into this storyline. Thank God.

Writers are reportedly feverishly pitching several ideas for who is behind the attacks on Reigns, to Vince and WWE is considering totally re-working this whole idea and really letting it draw out almost like a soap opera would over the course of many weeks.

If you don’t like the storyline, you won’t love this news. If you’re ok with it, hold on for the ride. It appears things are only getting started.

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