WWE To Add Third Hour To Fox Show

Most fans know about the massive television deal WWE signed with FOX to move their show SmackDown Live to Fridays and start airing the program on the FOX network. That move is set for October 4, 2019. FOX Entertainment CEO Charlie Collier has said the move is just “short term” but there weren’t details as to exactly what that meant.

Some details are coming to light that might explain a little more.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that there is now talk the show that moves to Fox will go from a two-hour program to a three-hour one, adding as much as $50,000,000 per year in revenue for the company. It is this third hour that that Collier might have been referring to when he mentioned changes.

There is talk that the show will film from 8pm-10pm on FOX and then where 205 Live was supposed to be filmed (10pm-11pm), WWE will air the third hour. There is no word on what that means for 205 Live and if the program will be canceled or moved to another time or WWE Network. The third hour of SmackDown Live might actually move over to FOX’s affiliate, FS1 and air there.

While many who watch Raw often complain the main issue with the show is that its too long and would be more entertaining as a two-hour program, part of the reason it keeps the third hour is the money it generates from doing so. That is not likely to change. The money WWE can reportedly gain from going the same route with FOX makes this a real possibility.

Remember, as a public company, dollars and cents is the bottom line.

Speculation is that this decision has not officially been made nor is it a done deal at this point, but the momentum seems to be leaning towards going this route. Part of the reason FOX is offering such an opportunity is because it lost the rights to its UFC programming to a multi-year deal between ESPN and UFC. This third hour helps earn back some of that lost revenue.

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