WWE Threatens To Fire Superstars Over Leaked Spoilers, Why They Took The Chance Anyway

According to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, WWE has gone to great lengths to ensure that spoilers for this year’s WrestleMania don’t leak to the public.

Doing what they can to keep everything that was pre-taped a secret, Barrasso writes Vince had reasons to go on with the show and now, it’s everyone’s job to keep things surprising. He explains that just because WrestleMania 36 was done differently this year, doesn’t mean Vince is throwing in the towel. Quite the opposite as Vince is working his hardest to keep things tight, special and entertaining.

Barrasso explains:

“There are other elements to WrestleMania also out of McMahon’s control, though he is doing what he can to combat that. The priority is ensuring WrestleMania is presented in the best possible form. But since filming began last week, which included overnight recordings from 11 p.m.—5 a.m., leaked results have been a possibility. Considering WrestleMania is a cultural event, spoilers have the potential to significantly diminish interest and profitability.

How did Vince McMahon and the WWE make sure nothing was leaked, especially by performers who happened to know the results of the event ahead of time? Simple really… ” Leaking information is a fireable offense, Sports Illustrated has learned,” they write.

SI.com noted that “along with McMahon, Kevin Dunn, Paul Heyman and Bruce Prichard, there are only a finite number of people present for each filming session.” Essentially, step one was limiting those who might learn about the outcomes.

And knowing that announcers, producers and production crews wouldn’t get a benefit out of releasing the information, SI notes, “it is a crew that values its job more than feeding info to reporters looking to break news. And the wrestlers would be unwise to destroy their standing in the company by leaking results.”

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