WWE Thinking About Adding Fan Webcams To Empty Arena Shows

As odd as it might sound, WWE is considering putting fans on episodes of Raw, SmackDown and NXT, via webcams. Yep, despite the fact that this idea has the possibility of going incredibly badly, WWE is asking select fans for feedback on the idea and seems to be seriously considering it.

It’s one thing to put other WWE Superstars, professional athletes, or celebrities on webcams while the show is going on. But, a fan? One that can can flip the bird to the rest of the tv viewing audience or flash their webcam and show millions of people far more than they bargained for?

Seems a bit crazy.

That said, WWE is realizing they might need to do something. These empty arena shows aren’t going away, at least not anytime soon. And, with the feeling that there’s “something missing” from these shows — the obvious answer being fans — the company is trying ways to add more atmosphere to each broadcast. They know they can’t put people in the arena, but what if it felt like fans were cheering along while watching at home?

To see what WWE is thinking about, we included a copy of the photo they sent out in a survey to members of the WWE Fan Council.

WWE webcam idea
WWE webcam idea

WWE’s comments along with the survey said:

“WWE is considering new options for the way they present show segments within this current environment. This might include seeing and hearing feedback from Superstars, celebrities, sports figures, or fans during a show.”

One Twitter user wrote along with some screenshots of the survey, “I almost want it to happen for the trainwreck potential.”

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