WWE Teases Lana and Lashley Break Up

“Something tells me I need new management or a new wife,” Lashley said. And, with that, the Lashley and Lana storyline might be coming to an end.

It was during a backstage interview post his loss to Alesiter Black at WrestleMania that Lashley spoke with Charly Caruso and put her in an awkward spot as Lana interrupted the segment not knowing Lashley had made the comments. He then walked off, Lana looked strangely at Charly and asked, “What did you do to my husband?”

You can check out Lashley’s comments below:

Lashley was upset because he believes Lana cost him the victory over Black. He had Black up and ready for the finish when Lana jumped on the apron and demanded that he use the Spear instead. Lashley winked at his wife, put Black down attempted the Spear, only to get nailed with a Black Mass for the pin, suffering the loss.

Finally, Fans Get What They Want

While one of the most watched segments on YouTube in late 2019 and early 2020, the Lana, Lashley and Rusev segments have quickly faded and fans have come to hate the storyline. Not helping matters, WWE seemed to simply abandon it.

Now it finally seems as though they have other plans for Lashley and they don’t include Lana.

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