WWE Taking Criticism For Edge vs Randy Orton Spot

Some loved the Randy Orton vs Edge match at WrestleMania. Others thought it was far too long and way too drawn out. But, most people are in agreement, one particular spot probably should have been edited out.

Early on in the match, Orton and Edge found themselves under a stationary piece of equipment that in the fitness area of the WWE Performance Center. Part of that equipment included two abdominal swings and Orton used them to try and choke the life out of Edge.

The spot took a lot of heat Sunday and is still taking heat today because it’s eerily reminiscent of the Chris Benoit tragedy, which was recently featured on Vice’s “Dark Side of the Ring” show. As most people know, Benoit murdered his wife and son and then hung himself from fitness equipment in his basement. There’s never an expiry date on something that tragic and because the documentary has just aired, WWE probably should have avoided going there.

Edge and Orton have not responded to any of the criticism and it’s not expected that they will. Caught up in the heat of the match, it’s likely neither was thinking about Benoit. That said, WWE could have noticed the footage and said, ‘Oops, let’s take that out.’. They didn’t.

With the match having been pre-recorded, it would have been easy to simply edit that portion. Instead, someone either didn’t make the connection or WWE didn’t care and fans picked up on it right away.

Edge Did Apologize For One Thing

While Edge didn’t comment on the hanging spot, he did feel a need to apologize to his wife. For those that saw the 24 Special on Edge that aired early Sunday morning, he talked about being medically cleared and that while he’s feeling no neck issues, knows it’s best to avoid certain moves and bumps.

There is a portion of the match where Edge jumps off a big ladded and through the waiting Orton onto a table. Edge’s wife Beth Phoenix called him out after promising not to do ladder spots any more.

All he could say was, “Sorry?”

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