WWE Superstars Post Photos Of Their Travels

As wrestlers make their way to the live production of Monday Night Raw tonight, the talents and personalites are posting photos of their travels. There certainly are not a lot of people traveling with them.

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler is back tonight after having reported he was told to stay home due to concerns about his age. He posted a photo on Twitter of him taking a flight to Orlando and noting that he called the airline to see what time the flight was leaving. They responded with, “What time can you be here?”


No Way Jose posted a shot of him traveling, suggesting he’ll be part of the show as well. He posted photos of him traveling on what is either a airline tram, bus or subway cart is all alone with no one else having traveled with him. 

“Hope you all had a #HappyEaster! Swipe to see how many traveled with me today. #StaySafe #MakingTowns #RAW,” he wrote.

Do these photos suggest WWE is making the right choice to continue on because there are few people out these days and traveling? Or, do they suggest WWE is crazy doing this and are the only ones nuts enough to continue on in the face of a pandemic that is sure to catch up to them?

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