WWE Superstar EC3 Posts Photo Of Himself Waiting For Push

To say EC3 has gotten the shaft since re-debuting with WWE would be an understatement. And, while he’s been a good soldier as a recent addition to the Raw roster, it looks like he’s finally speaking out… sort of.

EC3 used his Instagram account to send a subtle message to the WWE that he’s quietly waiting for a push. Because his Instagram account is that of a WWE Superstar, it’s not so quiet and the photo quickly earned over 10K likes.

While the photo is just him sitting on a swing and it doesn’t actually sa anything, he’s right, he deserves more of a push in WWE.

EC3 was once a WWE prospect. He left when things didn’t go well, joined TNA/Impact Wrestling and became one of their biggest stars. He came back to WWE thinking things might be different but found more of the same, at least outside of NXT.

While his run as EC3 in NXT was ok, he was called up to the main roster with a handful of other NXT hopefuls and not used. When he was, it was in silly segments where he didn’t talk or he got his a$$ handed to him by Braun Strowman.

This photo is his way of asking WWE to do something with him.

Will WWE Give EC3 A Shot?

As long as EC3 doesn’t cross a line and publicly declared he’s asked for his release or tell fans he’s just not coming back, he should eventually get a shot. He is talented and can talk on the mic. Once he gets the ball, or in this case, a push… he might capitalize.

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