WWE: Mansoor Wins 50-Man Battle Royal at Super ShowDown

In his debut match on the main roster in WWE, Mansoor would win the 50-Man Battle Royal at WWE’s Super ShowDown. The match would feature big names such as Ricochet, Elias, The Miz, Ali, Samoa Joe, Cesaro and others.

Mansoor, of course, is the first Saudi Arabian superstar in the history of WWe.

For WWE, this was a smart way to go about finishing the match as Mansoor is originally from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Giving the hometown 23-year-old a victory of this nature in his home country made perfect sense. Not only did it give Mansoor the opportunity to achieve a significant milestone in his career already, but it also gave the fans something significant to relate to during his post-match promo.

While this battle royal will have little significance moving forward, WWE capitalized on the moment and used this spot perfectly while featuring a plethora of mid-card talent who may not have gotten the opportunity to be featured on this card otherwise.

It’ll also be interesting to see if Mansoor can propel his career forward with this victory or if it’ll be mentioned in passing from here on out.

The battle royal would also give a little teaser for tag team-wrestling with Heavy Machinery, AoP and The Viking Raiders all squaring off at one point in the match. The three teams all found a ton of success on the NXT during their time there but have failed to translate that success into any sort of relevance on the main roster. Perhaps this was just a precursor for things to come.

More than anything, this match served as a way to get the crowd excited and keep them pumped up for the Main Event of the evening between Goldberg and the Undertaker which followed the battle royal.

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