WWE Star Officially Switches Brands, Gronkowski Rumors

Until this past Friday, Mojo Rawley was an official member of the RAW roster. But, likely because of his association to Rob Gronkowski, Rawley was quietly moved to the SmackDown brand, a move made official thanks to WWE’s website.

This move might have hinted at what’s in store regarding the future of Rob Gronkowski in WWE.

News of the switch was first reported by PWInsider, where they wrote, “Mojo Rawley has been quietly, officially moved to the Smackdow brand, obviously due to his relationship with Rob Grokowski, who has been appearing on the Smackdown side.” And, the move makes sense. Rawley and Gronkowski are connected at the hip when it comes to WWE and the company likely felt, if Gronk is going to be a SmackDown guy, Rawley needed to be one too. After all, the former NFL star will need a guiding hand and a friend as he works his way through getting accustomed to being a WWE performer.

What’s interesting about all this is what it might say about Gronkowski’s future in WWE. WWE hasn’t said much as it pertains to what might be coming down the pipe for the recently signed star, other than noting he was officially the host of WrestleMania 36. There have been no comments or confirmations by any party that the deal is long-term or that a match is in his future.

Moving Rawley officially over to SmackDown might indicate that WWE has plans for Gronk on the blue brand and well after WrestleMania comes and goes.

If Gronkowskis’ appearance at WrestleMania was a one-time deal, there’d be no need to move Rawley over. If Gronkowksi is going to be a SmackDown Superstar, Rawley’s move makes sense.

It’s not unheard of to see Superstars switch brands, but typically, changes sending one star from one show to another are made public. WWE didn’t say anything about the move, Rawley just simply showed up on the WWE Superstars page under the SmackDown roster.

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