WWE Sponsor Wants Answers For Lars Sullivan’s Comments

While WWE was hoping Lars Sullivan’s surfaced controversial comments would just, sort of, disappear, they’re going to learn that’s not about to happen. Now, a major sponsor is looking for answers and it might force WWE’s hand.

Current WWE Superstar Lars Sullivan has come under fire for a series of comments on message boards that were, basically racist, homophobic and bigoted rants. They took place year’s ago and he’s apologized, but the statute of limitations on being a bigot doesn’t have an expiry date when you’re a celebrity or WWE performer. At least, it shouldn’t.

WWE sponsor, Mars, seems to agree.

A WWE fan wrote the following message to Mars Confectionery (h/t to Wrestling INC):

“Dear Snickers, one of the companies you sponsor, the WWE is heavily featuring a wrestler by the name of Lars Sullivan(portrayed by Dylan Miley) who has made many internet comments praising mass shooters, espousing hatred and mocking black, mentally ill, and gay people. Does that represent Mars as a company? If so, I’ll have to choose a different snack brand that more identifies with American values.”

According to this fan and the report on Wrestling Inc., Mars didn’t need to answer, but they did.

“Dear Loyal Consumer,

Thank you for reaching out to Mars Wrigley Confectionery with your comments.

We learned of Lars Sullivan’s comments recently and share in your shock and disgust. As a values-based company, we find his behavior abhorrent and unacceptable. We have engaged the WWE to discuss this situation and seek to understand what actions they will take to swiftly address this matter.

We hope this information is helpful and wish you a great day!

Your Friends at Mars Wrigley Confectionery”

So Now What? What Does WWE Do?

Lars Sullivan is still on tour with WWE and was currently a part of the SmackDown show this weekend. If Mars wants answers, one can’t imagine Lars will be touring for long.

Big E and Kalisto have commented, fans have gone bananas and now sponsors are getting involved. And, if there’s one thing we know about WWE, when it comes to money, they don’t mess around. Can Vince and co. really just not do anything if they risk losing a big sponsor? Mars has put it out there they want a response. If that response is that WWE has no comment, can Mars continue to sponsor WWE?

If it comes down to a battle of Lars vs. Mars, Lars isn’t looking like the favorite.

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