Could WWE Incorporate SmackDown Into Hall of Fame Next Year?

Jim Ross recently wondered how the WWE Hall Of Fame will air on Friday night next year when that will be the new time slot for SmackDown on Fox? It’s a good question considering WWE doesn’t want to move the Hall of Fame, they don’t want to jeopardize anything with FOX and they don’t have a ton of wiggle room considering NXT, the Hall of Fame and WrestleMania will all be happening on that weekend already.

All of a sudden, adding SmackDown Live to the mix poses a bit of an issue.

WWE may have an option however.

Outside of the run-in that was a fan attacking Bret Hart, most didn’t see this year’s Hall of Fame as all that exciting. While D-X had their moment to poke fun at almost everyone and Sue Aitchison might have been the most inspiring speech of the night, Ross mentioned that WWE could stand to find a way to spice up the show.

What if SmackDown Live on that Friday worked the Hall of Fame into the program?

How Would This Work?

First, it would give FOX and completely unique show on WrestleMania weekend. No other television show could offer that. WWE could also work some of the earlier inductions and the red carpet festivities in on WWE Network, meaning only the big names would be part of the SmackDown Live broadcast.

Second, it would shorten the Hall of Fame for viewers. This has long been a complaint by fans, that the show has simply been too long. Speeches go on forever, review videos take up a good 20-30 minutes and it can get boring if you give the wrong person a platform to talk freely.

Third, this would be a way to add some action to the show. Why not include an angle or two in the ceremony? Hall of Famers often show up on the Sunday anyway… why not get them involved and set the stage for something two days later?

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