WWE Simply Ignores Superstar Shake-up With Wild-Card Rule

If you worry about ratings, I suppose you’ll do just about anything. That must be the case for Vince McMahon who is clearly willing to pull out all the stops in an effort to get his show’s numbers back up.

On Monday, Roman Reigns, Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, Elias, Lars Sullivan, and other SmackDown Superstars were on Raw, even though that’s not where they were supposed to be. And, thanks to a new Wild-Card rule McMahon put in place Monday night, this is all going to continue.

Reigns was no longer going to take orders from the McMahon’s. Calling the WWE Universe the authority, if they asked, Reigns would show up every Monday night. McMahon had little choice but to make a chance when Bryan and Kingston showed up. The flood gates were open.

Vince sold his new Wild-Card rule as a genius idea. According to the Chairman, three SmackDown Superstars can come to Raw every week and three Raw stars can go to SmackDown Live. It will be controlled anarchy of sorts.

From there, he made a championship match between two SmackDown Live stars.

And the Point of All This Is?

‘Why have the Superstar Shake-up at all?’

At first, Reigns on Raw was a short-term fix. Then the WWE Universe was informed it was going to happen every week. Fans who love the brand split will hate what’s about to happen. The smaller stars will get even fewer opportunities, the bigger stars will be even more over-exposed, The WWE Universe will, at least for the next few weeks, watch a show that feels like it’s been completely thrown together in the final hours.

It’s unfortunate that WWE is in this kind of predicament. It’s not good for anyone long-term. It probably won’t work short-term either. As was evident on this week’s show, more than three stars showed up, proving that even in the first week, there’s not much sense to the new rules.

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