Shane McMahon Returning on Monday Night Raw

Shane McMahon is scheduled to make his return to WWE television on Monday and is rumored to be introducing a new concept. As WrestleVotes on Twitter would mention, this concept has raised some eyebrows at the WWE Performance Center. It’s unclear if this was stated in a good way or a bad way, but both are realistic possibilities given WWE’s batting average for this type of stuff.

This is the first time that McMahon will have appeared on WWE television since he was kayfabe fired by Kevin Owens on the 20th anniversary of SmackDown. Though McMahon was still working behind the scenes through his 10-month absence, this return could be an interesting one.

For the most part, the return of McMahon probably won’t receive a bad reaction regardless of the news he brings with him. Having him on television has typically been a good thing, and getting him back on-screen regardless of the context is probably a good move altogether.

The news itself, though, could be interesting. It’s unknown if the news will relate to SummerSlam or if it’ll simply be an on-going concept for Monday Night Raw. It’s also unknown if this news will actually be unrelated to either of things altogether and WrestleVotes sources threw out a red herring.

Historically, though, WrestleVotes has been very accurate with what they’ve reported and it would be surprising to see them get this one wrong.

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Interestingly enough, Kevin Owens also happens to be on the Raw Roster. It probably wouldn’t be the best idea to rekindle that feud given that it ran its course, but anything is possible. We also can’t even be sure that McMahon is staying for another other than a one-off visit. With the need for some new voices on-screen, a long-lasting return would be a welcome one nonetheless.

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