WWE Sends Wrong Message With Creative Writing Process Video

Thanks to a new video put out by WWE, it’s time we all stop bit–ing and feel sorry for the hard work that the writers put into all of the WWE programming us fans consume.

Or, at least, that seems to be the intent of said video offering a behind-the-scenes look at the creative writing process in the company.

A new glimpse and never-before-seen expose posted by WWE discusses everything that goes into producing over seven hours of television content for fans. And, while the video provides a bit of an inside look at how things operate (and how hectic being a writer in WWE can be) one can’t help but notice the timing of the video and how it coincides with the plummeting ratings WWE is suffering as of late.

Most fans will tell you Raw and SmackDown Live have not been very good. Some fans will say, ‘Then don’t watch’ and others will say ‘We’re not.’ which is why the ratings have taken a dip. One look at this WWE.com exclusive and you get the impression WWE seems to be saying they’re trying.

The lack of good characters, newer and bigger stars, and strong writing isn’t because WWE doesn’t have the people. Clearly, they do. After all, we got introduced to many of them in this video. It just, sort of, seems like the people they do have aren’t cutting it.

It doesn’t appear to be their fault either.

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Probably Not The Message WWE Should Have Sent Out

As you watch the video you’ll see WWE writers meeting, sharing ideas, and “being creative”. Then the video cuts to these writers actually speaking to the camera and sharing their backgrounds, including where they came from in writing and how they wound up in WWE. Some talk about the process, others about how hectic things are and many about not being married to ideas or getting used to last-minute changes just before show time.

One writer cited how it can be stressful since, come 8 pm, the show starts whether the writing is done or not.

Unfortunately, while WWE seems to be trying to let viewers in, maybe in an attempt to gain some sympathy, it backfires.

This video shows how chaotic things are in WWE right now. Scripts are being written and changed, a crew of writers are sitting down and coming up with content only to find out it’s not being used, and others are writing ideas days before they make it to air.

What this video does, is actually show how things shouldn’t be working.

Just More Proof WWE Has It Wrong Right Now

It’s one thing to have to change an idea due to injury or an unforeseen circumstance, but until WWE wraps their head around the fact that they’re writing far too quickly and changing far too many ideas at the last possible second, fans are going to be stuck with Superstar Shake-ups that don’t mean anything, Wild Card Rules fans don’t want and stars coming back on the short-term but not solving any real problems.

It’s no wonder writers and producers seem to be leaving at a record pace lately. Even some of the people in this video (like Road Dogg) are on hiatus from the company.

Maybe the issue is Vince. Maybe it isn’t. The one thing this video never showed was the Chairman. They never mentioned his name either. That’s probably for the better since a lot of fans aren’t happy with him right now as it is.

Hopefully WWE takes a good look at this video and it clues in for them. They need to go back to the days of writing ideas, planning them well ahead of time and seeing them through.

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