What Move Is WWE Telling Lars Sullivan He Can’t Do?

Technically, it doesn’t appear that WWE is banning Lars Sullivan’s diving headbutt move, but reports suggest he has to drastically cut it back and it will only be permitted on a specific case-by-case basis and saved for special occasions. (I know, that sounds weird like it’s some kind of fine china for Thanksgiving dinner…)

Instead, Sullivan will simply have to stick to destroying the rest of the SmackDown Live roster with his finishers The Freak Accident and the running sit-down powerbomb.

Frankly, it’s a bit surprising WWE has not outright banned the diving headbutt considering the last two people who used it a lot had major brain issues. One was Chris Benoit, who died in a terrible incident along with his family after he was reported to have brain trauma that supposedly caused him to snap. The other was Daniel Bryan, who while nothing like Benoit, did miss over three years from in-ring action with concussion issues. One could hardly blame WWE if they banned the move like they banned the piledriver.

But, like Undertaker who is still allowed to deliver the Tombstone (a version of a piledriver), Sullivan can pull out the diving headbutt from time to time.

Bad Idea WWE

There’s really no need for the move. While it’s cool that a big man can be so agile, his other finishers are devastating enough. And, if you ask a former wrestler like Harley Race, it’s silly to have a guy do a move that can cause major neck damage.

Race invented the move and said he wished he never did because he’s still dealing with neck trauma to this day.

Hopefully, Sullivan chooses not to use it much and when he does, isn’t hurting himself or anyone else.

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