WWE: Rusev Day is Dead

It’s no longer Rusev Day. In fact, Rusev Day should probably be removed from the calendar altogether.

When expressing his interest in seeing Rusev and Lana on a glorious Rusev Day, the Bulgarian Brute himself would take to Twitter to proclaim the moment fans have all been dreading; the end of Rusev Day.

It’s a shame that WWE dropped the ball so significantly with Rusev considering how over he got as a result of the Rusev Day gimmick. Rather than pushing him to the moon and letting the organic popularity he received from the fans dictate the conversation, WWE opted to slowly let the gimmick fizzle out before turning Rusev heel.

In the world of professional wrestling, being “over” with the fans is something that every wrestler should strive for. Being able to evoke a reaction of pure disdain or pure pleasure by simply playing a role on television and in the ring is impressive and makes up the entire fabric of the industry.

It seems logical then that WWE would acknowledge who the fans are getting behind and use them to their full potential when the moment is right. This was done with Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania when he would fight his way to the top of the company with the help of the fans; a storyline that WWE would adapt and spin to look like it was their idea all along, but still an impressive story nonetheless.

Not every moment has to be as grand as Bryan winning the World Championship in the Main Event of WrestleMania, but giving the fans the satisfaction of knowing that their voices are truly heard goes a long way as far as enjoying the product is concerned. Otherwise, what’s the point of even being in attendance?

Rusev Day wasn’t all for not as Rusev would go on to win the United State Championship on Christmas (then known as Rusev Day) before losing it one month later. Still, the whole storyline seemed ultimately wasted and the heel turn and pairing with Shinsuke Nakamura was simply unnecessary.

Rusev Day dying is just another example of the WWE Universe losing a battle that they shouldn’t have been forced to compete in from the beginning/

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