WWE Rumors: Rusev, Lynch, Graves, Rollins, More

In today’s WWE rumors and news update, there are developments when it comes to a couple of contract extensions, Becky Lynch just broke a significant record in WWE and there are theories as to why WWE is turning Seth Rollins heel. Finally, did Corey Graves realize the mistake he made and have something to say to Mauro Ranallo?

Rollins Heel Turn

Monday’s Raw was the start of a Seth Rollins heel turn and there are theories as to why WWE writers are making the move.

First, many see Rollins as the new Roman Reigns in that Reigns couldn’t buy a cheer from the crowd despite being the biggest star in the company. He deserved a better fate but the crowd was revolting against the “WWE machine”. WWE does not want to make the same mistake with Rollins and by turning him now while it’s “cool” to boo Rollins, WWE gets some easy heat on one of their top guys.

Second, Rollins has a recent history of making poor mistakes on social media and the things he’s already doing now in an attempt to get cheers were getting him boos. Why not use that instead of trying to change him?

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Lynch Set to Break Record

RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch took to Twitter to confirm that she is now officially the record-holder for the longest single reign with the Raw Women’s Championship since it was introduced — a record previously held by Ronda Rousey.

If Lynch main events Summerslam, she will have been a part of the main event in all four of the big PPV’s and that’s another record she stands to break.

Rusev’s WWE Extension

Both Lana and WWE have confirmed that she has signed a multi-year extension with WWE. Rusev won’t be far behind.

Despite the storyline and WWE possibly wanting to hold off any announcement on Rusev until it can be worked into the drama, Lana and Rusev are very much still married and it is expected that Rusev will follow suit by sticking with WWE.

As far as when the deal will be done, Rusev has not actually signed a new WWE contract yet and word is he is in the middle of ongoing contract talks with the company.

Corey Graves Apologizes… Kind of

Corey Graves took to his podcast on Wednesday and apologized for remarks he made on Twitter that may have offended Mauro Ranallo. He didn’t actually apologize to Ranallo, only that he was trying to stir the pot a little with the tweet and didn’t mean any harm.

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