WWE Rumors: Raw, Ambrose, Styles, More

In today’s wrestling rumor rundown, there is talk about how disorganized the tv shows are, if Dean Ambrose and AEW are close to a deal,

Raw is a Mess Backstage

When it comes to Raw, we know a few new ideas are coming off the writer’s table last minute, but according to Dave Meltzer, it’s worse than it’s ever been. He mentioned on Wrestling Observer Radio that backstage at Raw this week was “extremely disorganized” and things were getting changed a lot as the show was going.

There is also speculation WWE will continue trying things to give the third hour of Raw a distinct look and feel going forward. If you notice during Foley’s unveiling of the 24/7 Championship, the arena went darker when he said he thought Raw needed to get back its roots of being more raw.

Author’s Note: It’s funny, because I’ve been complaining a lot about Raw, but I actually liked this week’s episode.

Drake Maverick Has Fans Behind the Scenes

With how invested he’s gotten with the new 24/7 Title, Drake Maverick is quickly making friends on the production and writing team in WWE. He’s all over the idea of the title being defended anywhere and anytime and he’s made flyers and taken to social media in abundance to push the idea that he wants the title.

This is exactly the kind of promotion WWE wanted the wrestlers to do with this championship and he’s setting an excellent example.

Ambrose and AEW

AEW is still very much interested in signing Dean Ambrose, says the Observer, but it’s not likely he’ll appear at Double or Nothing. He is working on an MMA film and also making other appearances.

AJ Styles Done With WWE After This Contract

While speaking to Newsweek, AJ Styles explained that at this stage in his career, he is winding down and his current contract with WWE will be his last. He said he is in the perfect place for him right now with WWE being so family oriented but all good things must come to an end. He said, “I have no problem taking my family to the shows. It’s a PG product, which I enjoy. I’m in the best place I can be for my career.”

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