WWE Rumors: Flair, PAC, Lana, New WWE Title, More

On the date of May 20, 2019, there are a number of rumors circulating. Among them are what’s happening with the new title to be announced on Monday Night Raw, what all went wrong between Samoa Joe and Rey Mysterio, Lana has heat in WWE and Ric Flair missing Starrcast II.

Here are the latest rumors in professional wrestling:

New Title Tonight on Raw

As per WrestleVotes:

Lots of rumors surrounding the new championship Mick Foley is introducing. Source says it’s not a Legends belt in anyway & not connected to Saudi Arabia. It’s not “hardcore” either, although it’s going to play off the rule where the title can be defended anywhere at anytime.

It is believed the new championship will be some sort of television title (may have a different name) but the idea is to promote the idea that anything can happen on Raw and SmackDown Live and appease NBC and FOX who both want consistent storylines running on their respective brands with the biggest stars.

This title is Vince’s way of moving stars around and keeping some uncertainty, while having a championship that is prevalent on both shows.

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WWE Frustrated With Lana

There are whispers WWE is getting frustrated with Lana. The latest comes from Lana herself who noted on social media her frustration with WWE stealing her creative ideas and giving them to other performers.

She wrote:

“I love watching shows and seeing stories I wrote and pitched given to other people. This might be the 10th time this has happened in the past year…. good to know I’m really creative that my ideas are given to others.”

Part of that is WWE not admitting to someone else coming up with the idea, the other is that they don’t believe Lana has the chops to pull off her ideas.

It appears her original post was removed.

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A Million Things Went Wrong in U.S. Title Match

Apparently, during the Samoa Joe/Rey Mysterio match at Money in the Bank things we wrong quickly. Joe was busted open early and because of the blood, was told to take the match home and end it. From there, the botch of the three-count with the shoulder up wasn’t planned and Mysterio might have hurt his shoulder as well.

The post-match angle went as planned with Joe attacking Mysterio in front of Dominick.

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Ric Flair to Miss Starrcast II

About a week ago, Conrad Thompson said that Flair had a scheduled surgery and that he would be at Starrcast II as planned but that may have changed.

Per multiple sources, Ric Flair is undergoing a heart operation today (May 20) in Atlanta. TMZ is reporting – and Wrestling Observer is confirming – the Nature Boy will not take part in his planned appearances at the Starrcast II convention taking place in Las Vegas this weekend.

PAC’s Creative Differences with AEW

The report that PAC was unwilling to lose to Adam Page may not be the reason he’s off the Double or Nothing AEW card. The latest is that PAC was scheduled to defeat Page and then move on to take a loss in a match with Kenny Omega. It was this loss PAC was unwilling to take.


AEW decided not to have Page take a pin if PAC couldn’t be relied upon to work the next logical step in AEW’s program. And, AEW didn’t want a DQ finish because they are working hard to have wins and losses mean something as they keep statistics on all their matches.

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Charlotte’s Record As Title Holder

There is some growing concern that Charlotte’s frequent wins and losses will quickly make her the most decorated Women’s Champion in wrestling but that the way she’s winning and losing the title will shade her reputation as a champion.

Even Rusev pointed it out on social media when he said, “Wow when it’s all said and done @MsCharlotteWWE will be 35-time world champ!!! The greatest superstar in the history of superstars. Teach me.”

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