WWE Rumor Report: Ref Fined, Tag Team Debut, More

In today’s WWE Rumor Report, we focus on last-minute changes to WrestleMania 35, the fallout from the show, a couple talents that may debut at the Superstar Shake-up and where two of the biggest stars from Sunday’s pay-per-view disappeared to the next night.

WrestleMania Ref Fined

There is speculation that the referee for that main event match at WrestleMania 35, Rod Zapata, was fined for counting Ronda Rousey’s shoulders down before they were actually down.

In WWE, the refs are told to work as though the match is a shoot. If a rule is broken, if a foot is in the ropes or if a shoulder comes off the mat (as it did when Rousey was pinned) the ref is supposed to stop the count or continue on as per the rules of the match despite the pre-determined finish.

No word on how much the fine is or was but it there is also word that Vince McMahon himself was not upset with the way things went down in the match and he certainly isn’t mad at the wrestlers. Becky Lynch said Vince was proud of her performance and gave her a hug after the match.

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The Sky Pirates Debut?

There is speculation that the team Paige was referring to last night on SmackDown was the duo of Iro Shirai and Khairi Sane from NXT. They could get a main roster call-up with Paige as their mentor. Sane was backstage at the SmackDown Live shooting.

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Dean Ambrose Taking Hiatus

There is some buzz, while only speculation at this point, that Dean Ambrose is not actually leaving WWE for good but wants to step away to refresh and take a little time to himself. He could be gone as few as 6 months and return to WWE after that.

Ryan Satin mentioned a source telling him Dean Ambrose isn’t leaving WWE while another said he’s already setting up bookings on the independent circuit.

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WrestleMania Match Changed

Apparently, Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins as the opener at WrestleMania 35 this year was a late change, according to Wrestling Observer Radio. It was switched so late, Hulk Hogan didn’t even know why Paul Heyman was coming out during his promo at the top of the main show.

The speculation is that WWE made the change to accommodate Lesnar being able to leave the show after his match and fly home.

Rousey Broken Hand Changed Things for Raw

There was speculation Rousey was going to be on Raw this week to talk about how her shoulder was not down during her match with Lynch and Flair but she broke her hand at WrestleMania and as such, WWE decided to send her home and deal with that storyline upon her return.

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