WWE Rumors and News: McMahon, Jericho, Fiend, More

In today’s WWE news and rumors update, there is news that Vince McMahon has certain feelings about the Rusev, Lana and Bobby Lashley storylines, speculation something went wrong to end AEW Dynamite and an update on the Fiend and Survivor Series.

Change To AEW Dynamite Ending

There is speculation the ending of AEW Dynamite this week didn’t go off as planned. The show was running short on time, so the ending was changed on the fly.

Watching back the show, announcers warned that if the end of the main event tag match ran over it’s allotted time slot, they would finish airing the show on their YouTube Channel. To avoid having to do so, and in an effort to get the match in, they rushed the ending. What came of that was Jericho acting as if he was freaking out to go off the air.

Oops. AEW can easily say this was how the match was supposed to end, but the roll-up caught a lot of fans off guard and came quickly, right as the show was winding down.

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Vince Loves the Rusev and Lana Stuff

Apparently, as much as fans are commenting on how little they enjoy the Rusev, Lana and Bobby Lashley Attitude-Era-like segments, these bits of Raw each week are among the most-watched segments on WWE’s social media platforms. Because of this, Vince McMahon isn’t getting rid of the angle. In fact, speculation is that McMahon is getting a kick out of the storyline and has a ton of ideas for the future of the angle, an angle that could last another few months.

Fiend vs Bryan a Go?

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Paul Davis of Wrestling News), it is official that Daniel Bryan will challenge Bray Wyatt for his Universal Championship at Survivor Series.

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