WWE Rumors and News: Punk, Fury, AOP, More

In today’s WWE rumors and news report, CM Punk gives his thoughts on AEW’s early success, boxer Tyson Fury adds fuel to the rumors he might be thinking about wrestling over boxing and the AOP are in line for a huge push. Finally, what’s up with Bray Wyatt staying on Raw when he was drafted to SmackDown?

Punk Says AEW Success Is Great

Speaking to WGN, CM Punk said it’s great news for wrestling, the wrestlers and the fans that AEW is doing so well out of the gate. He noted that any strong competing brand will force WWE to do better.

“ I think competition drives industry, so if there’s only one place in town to work, I think the creatives will be lazy. So, hopefully, y’ know, both companies will push each other and make the product better for the fans.”

When asked about his possible return to WWE, Punk noted it was possible, but said that it would take a lot of money to get him to return.

Punk has acknowledged that he auditioned for the FS1 show, WWE Backstage, but has not heard anything of that tryout and if WWE is interested. Clearly, the company proceeded ahead without him on the pilot show and public comments from Punk about how much money he’d want for a return or not shying away from criticizing the product if he deemed worthy might be why Punk wasn’t called back.

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Tyson Fury: Born to Do This

Heavweight Champion boxer Tyson Fury was a guest on ESPN’s First Take this week, alongside Triple H, and the two discussed how coming to WWE became a reality. Triple H said he’s taken to the industry like a fish to water and he’s a natural-born entertainer. Fury said he was “born to do this”.

Fury also said he’s not nervous about stepping into the ring on such a big stage for the first time. “I’m not nervous, like you said, I’m a showman, and you can expect fireworks,” he promised.

He called WWE the real entertainment.

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WWE Trying To Take AOP Big-Time

WWE has taken to promoting the fact that the Authors of Pain have signed free-agent deals with Raw. In the post promoting the move, they said that AOP was thinking about going back to MMA, but decided not to do will destroy everyone in WWE.

Expect AOP to get a prominent push on Raw in the coming week, leading up to a big feud between them and The Viking Raiders.

What’s Going on With Bray Wyatt and Raw?

Despite being drafted to Friday Night SmackDown, Bray Wyatt’s battles with Seth Rollins appear far from over. Wyatt is scheduled for multiple Raw appearances leading up to and after WWE Crown Jewel where the Fiend will face Rollins again.

Wyatt is also set to face Rollins in a steel cage match on Raw’s Novmber 4th episode and he’s not scheduled to be at SmackDown shows in November.

The card is always subject to change, but it appears WWE is making an exception to the rules that require drafted stars to stay exclusive to their respective brands.

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