WWE Rumors and News: Cena, Orton, Saudi 20, More

In today’s WWE rumors and news, there are interesting notes from John Cena’s interview with Sports Illustrated, Randy Orton news and is Corey Graves right with his take on some of the WWE talent who moan and complain too much?

John Cena Not Returning to WWE

John Cena told Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated there’s a reason he’s limiting his appearances in WWE, and it’s not because he’s too busy.

Cena said Wednesday, even though he’s not put a “never” label on it, there are no plans for him to make a return to WWE now or likely in the future, since he’s not interested in looking slow or taking people’s money simply because he can draw an audience. “The fan base has seen some wonderful individuals look a step slower,” he said. “I just don’t want to be that person.”

He added, “I’m at a very reduced workload now. I feel great, I still have my health, my sanity, and wonderful emotional balance.” He also noted he’s taken a page out of The Rock’s book who he once criticized for leaving WWE behind but realized he was ignorant when he took aim at the worlds hardest working actor and producer.

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Randy Orton to AEW Never an Option

Despite rumors and teases that Randy Orton might have been prepared to jump to AEW before he signed what is believed to be a five-year extension with WWE, Chris Jericho has said Orton to AEW wasn’t going to happen.

Outside of saying AEW isn’t in the business of bidding for talent, Jericho says WWE was never going to let Orton go. They would have paid millions to keep him (they probably did). In short, Orton might have teased AEW, even used them as leverage, but it wasn’t going to happen.

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Corey Graves Calls Out Certain WWE Talent

During the second episode of After the Bell, Corey Graves went into detail about the Crown Jewel trip and tried to put to rest some of the rumors regarding who was “left behind.” Saying there was no specific plan to alienate certain WWE talent, those who were chosen to board the “Saudi 20” charter were chosen to try and make SmackDown as whole as possible in the event they could get back in time for the episode that featured NXT stars.

Graves also said that Vince McMahon leaving the talent behind wasn’t about getting out of there but more what Vince always does, every week. Once that final bell rings and any show is over, Vince Jets off to the next location or next meeting to continue running WWE. Vince leaving would have happened regardless.

Cesaro Not Going Back to NXT

Speaking of Graves, he interviewed Cesaro and the Swiss Superman said he has no desire to go back to NXT and wants to be successful on either Raw or SmackDown.

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