WWE Rumors and News: Carlito, Punk, Carmella, More

In today’s WWE rumors and news update, there is buzz surrounding a former Intercontinental Champion making his return to WWE, speculation on how far the door is open for a CM Punk return, injury news and the real reason Carmella and R-Truth were split during the draft.

WWE Offered Carlito a Contract

While speaking to Hannibal TV, former WWE Superstar and agent Savio Vega said that WWE tried to get Carlito to come back. Vega advised Carlito he should jump at the opportunity.

“They tried to get Carlito back, I talked to him last week. I said, ‘Brother, just go up there and get a contract. Get whatever money it gets higher every year or whatever. Because you’re not gonna make that kinda money on the street. Make some money, live okay, it’s good. If you have the opportunity then do it.’”

There is no word on how interested Carlito might or might not be in a return. He seems to be doing fairly well outside WWE.

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Carmella Explains Why She and R-Truth Were Split Up

While speaking to Fightful, Carmella spoke about her future as a WWE Superstar and how she plans to make the most out of every opportunity. Carmella said, “Well, I think it shows that I’m willing to do whatever it takes. I just want to have fun and make the most of my time here in WWE.”

She also noted that she was moved to SmackDown because of Corey Graves to keep their relationship strong and that R-Truth didn’t join her because the 24/7 Championship is a USA Network idea and he’s synonymous with that title. The belt couldn’t go to Fox and Truth couldn’t be separated from the belt.

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Triple H Passes Along Vince McMahon Message To CM Punk

While speaking to the Ariel Helwani Show, Triple H was asked about CM Punk and a possible return to WWE. Punk has been in the news of late saying he’s open to a return to wrestling and speculation is that WWE is the most likely landing spot.

Triple H replied that Vince McMahon said they’re “open for business.” He added, “That’s a ‘could be’. Vince will say it all the time: ‘We’re open for business’. The past is passed, today is today and you never say never in WWE.”

Woods Out 5-8 Months With Injury

In an update provided by F4Wonline.com, reports are that WWE now knows the injury suffered by Xavier Woods during the Australia tour is bad. The company would only call it an Achilles injury, but word going around is that Woods did suffer an Achilles tear.

He will require surgery and time after surgery means he could be out until WrestleMania 36.

Woods wrote on social media about the injury news:

“Mans is injured. I’ll keep y’all updated but as of right now I’m gonna stream a lot. Gonna hit cons a lot. Gonna post sponsored tweets a lot. Gonna eat pizza a lot.” He added, “So many things to do! 1st cosplay coming next Saturday, I’m already laughing about it.”

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