WWE Rumor Report – Sullivan, Cena, Naomi, More

In today’s WWE Rumor Report, there are additional updates on just what John Cena might be doing at WrestleMania 35, if Naomi is ready to leave WWE and there is news on Baron Corbin vs. Kurt Angle.

John Cena vs. Lars Sullivan?

It might not be a match, but there is an expectation that the storyline at WrestleMania 35 that includes John Cena might also include NXT free agent Lars Sullivan.

Sullivan has yet to debut on the WWE main roster despite being advertised by the company months ago. Delays and personal issues pushed back his delay but Dave Meltzer is reporting that Sullivan might finally be ready to go and Triple H noted on a corporate phone call about NXT Takeover: New York that Sullivan should be returning soon.

As soon as WrestleMania 35?

It could be that Cena shows up, has a match, wins and is then destroyed by Sullivan giving Lars the big push WWE was going to give him out of the gate when he was set to debut months ago.

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Naomi Leaving WWE?

While there is no report on when her contract actually expires, Naomi is clearly frustrated with what’s been going on with her spot in WWE. She took to social media today and said, “Boo I’ve been humbly silent for a decade I don’t have another decade in me especially not for bs.”

This was in response to a tweet about her match being removed from the most recent edition of SmackDown Live and her title shot at WrestleMania 35 being turned into a entry into the Women’s Battle Royal.

Her tweet is fairly generic in that she says “another decade” and perhaps she’s just airing frustrations which is the same thing a number of WWE Superstars have been known to do on social media lately. Among them have been The Revival, Rusev, Sasha Banks and others. Many of them have received title pushes after being vocal. Hard to know if Naomi is just trying to get WWE’s attention.

Her latest tweet reads: “This is nothing new I’m just finally putting it on blast I’ve faced this type of adversity my entire career and I stare it right in the face! I’m not shaken shook or bothered … “

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Baron vs Angle To Stay As Is

It sounds like backstage in WWE there are a number of people who aren’t pleased about the final decision to pit Kurt Angle against Baron Corbin, including Angle. That said, it appears WWE is not going to change the direction of the match.

SmackDown to Add a Third Hour

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that there is talk that after SmackDown Live moves to FOX, it won’t take long for the show to go from two hours to three. FOX wants to earn back some of the revenue it lost when it lost UFC and for WWE, it could mean as much as an additional $50,000,000 per year in revenue for the company.

While it’s not a sure thing, speculation is that the third hour will replace 205 Live and air on FOX’s affiliate station FS1. The first two hours will air 8pm-10pm and the last hour 10pm11pm.

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