WWE Has Interest in Rob Gronkowski

In the world of professional wrestling, and especially the WWE, you can never say never.

With former New England Patriots’ superstar tight end Rob Gronkowski recently retiring from professional football, the rumors and speculation surrounding his future have been running rampant. Included in this speculation has been the conversation of a potential union between the football star and the WWE.

This shouldn’t be surprising given the fact that Gronkowski, or Gronk as he’s more commonly known, is a larger than life figure who has always transcended the football field.

When asked about any potential interest in Gronkowski now that he’s able to explore his options outside of the NFL, Stephanie McMahon didn’t mince words in an interview with ESPN.

“I’m a Patriots fan; of course I’d love to have Gronkowski, are you kidding me?”

She’d go on to say that you never know what can happen and that the company would love to see Gronk make the transition from football to wrestling.

Gronkowski Has Star Power

A 29-year-old who measures in at 6 foot 6 and 268 pounds, Gronk would not only bring the physical stature to an in-ring WWE career but also a known character that WWE simply loves.

More importantly than the size and personality, however, Gronkowski also brings a mainstream appeal that can’t be manufactured. The WWE has capitalized on major figures in the past when bringing in notable pop culture figures, actors, musicians and otherwise to their company dating back decades.

WWE have also used legitimate fight athletes as their top stars on Monday Night Raw with both Brock Lesnar and Ronda Rousey, former UFC Champions, holding the Universal Championship and Raw Women’s Championship respectively.

In fact, Gronkowski has already had his very own WrestleMania moment akin to the way Rousey did years before she signed a contract with the company.

Gronkowski may not be a fighting star but he does have a similar level of fame and notoriety that will follow him wherever he goes.

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