WWE: Rey Mysterio’s In-Ring Return Update

According to a report from PWInsider, WWE fans may not have to wait long before seeing Rey Mysterio return to action in a WWE ring.

While it may have felt like the injury he sustained a few weeks ago was significant given the fact that he vacated his United States Championship and gave it to Samoa Joe, the report states that Mysterio is expected back in early July with a targeted date set for July 8 in Newark on Raw.

This is good news for fans of the high-flying superstar who’s entertained fans for decades.

Mysterio Making the Best of His Time Off

Rather than spending his time away from the ring simply rehabbing his injury, Mysterio has actually worked hard on another project that deserves a ton of recognition from the wrestling community and beyond.

On May 26 a global digital fundraiser titled Fight4Autism was launched on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The global ambassador behind the brand? None other than Rey Mysterio himself.

As also reported on PWInsider, the fundraiser seeks to bring awareness to autism and raise funds to help foundations that are working with children who have autism.

According to Mysterio, he’s met multiple children with autism and the stories he’s heard, including the challenges presented by autism and the joy that he himself and the wrestling world in general brought those children was enough to make him feel strongly about this new endeavor.

It’s a selfless act by Mysterio and one that won’t go unnoticed by those looking to help where they can. With a global platform as big as he has, it’s nice to see Mysterio looking out for those who need it.

For more on this new initiative, check out winwithrey.com.

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