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Has WWE Reset The Fiend?

The Fiend should have won the WWE Universal Title at Hell In A Cell this past weekend. Well, he didn’t, and that ending was a mess.

I took all of Monday, watched a horrible episode of Monday Night Raw, had some Deli chicken at 9 p.m., vented to the wife about Raw and fell asleep and woke up ready to talk about The Fiend. I was trying to understand what the WWE’s intentions were with that match. Was it to extend the feud? Nah, this was the match. This was the end of their story. The Fiend was going to take his place in WWE history as the next Universal Champion. I, like you all, expected that.

But I forgot that this is the WWE. They really, really, don’t like to be predictable.

I believe the only reason Becky Lynch and Kofi Kingston left WrestleMania champions this year is because the writers wrote themselves into a corner.

They had to give them the titles while knowing we as fans knew the only outcome they had. Last night the feeling was the same. The Fiend walking away as the champ was the only outcome for this program. They had written themselves into a corner…again.

The result? A disqualification in a Hell in a Cell Match. Really? This is what we call in wrestling a desperation move. I equated it to a thumb to the eye.

 The WWE is against doing what the fans want. They completely reset  the story of The Fiend.  They failed in predictability, ruining one of the most original of this decade. That’s garbage. The Fiend’s story is the reason some people even watched Raw.

“I suffered through a daily dose of Six-Man tags, Maria emasculating her husband, whatever they were trying to do with Rey Mysterio and his son, “Tha Big Dawg” being yelled, and now this Lana/Lashley thing. “

– Donny Starr


I, like you, earned the right to watch something go right this past Sunday.

This is why people were allegedly rioting after the show, why chanted AEW and wanting refunds. WWE needs to stop destroying storylines for the sake of not being predictable.

They did this same ordeal with Ryback years ago, and it was awful. In a world where AEW now exists the WWE needs to be more careful. 

Whatever plans they have for The Fiend must be good. Otherwise, nothing makes sense anymore.

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