WWE Renames Viking Experience Again, Called Viking Raiders

After tremendous backlash, it appears WWE is listening to the fans (sort of) and changing the name of The Viking Experience again. It appears the former team known as War Machine… then the War Raiders… then Viking Experience… will now be known as The Viking Raiders.

It’s still much worse than the War Raiders, but it’s a dramatic improvement over Viking Experience.

The Viking Experience debuted on the RAW roster as part of the WWE Superstar Shake-Up last week and the WWE Universe lost their collective minds. The rest of a show that was full of surprises was overshadowed by the fact the tag team that showed up in the second segment of the show was such a terrible idea.

Once known as Raymond Rowe and Hanson, they became Ivar and Erik and while the fans were happy to see the duo on the main roster, it was a bad way to debut the current NXT tag champions.

PW Insider reports that WWE has realized their mistake. They wrote, ‘As of this afternoon, The Viking Experience tag team has been re-christened “The Viking Raiders.”’

No word on if the first names will change or if they will appear on Raw tonight. The official website still has the team labeled under their own name under the preview for tonight’s Raw but their profile on the NXT and RAW Superstars page notes the new name.

It reads:

The Viking Raiders, Erik & Ivar, are bent on world domination.

Ivar & Erik, whose gruff exteriors would look right at home beyond the wall in “Game of Thrones,” have made smash-mouth collisions their stock in trade. Yet, Ivar, a protégé of WWE Hall of Famer Killer Kowalski, is also deceptively agile for a man of his size. Every bit as athletic as he is ferocious, the 300-pounder has been known to come crashing down on opponents from the top rope.

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