WWE References Rousey’s Comments on Raw, Baszler Breaks Opponents Arm

On tonight’s Monday Night Raw, before Shayna Baszler came out for her match against Sara Logan, she was asked to comment on Ronda Rousey’s recent and controversial comments. As many wrestling fans know, Rousey has stirred the pot with comments wrestling is “fake fighting” and many have weighed in on whether or not the comments were a shoot or a work.

WWE gave us the first signs Rousey might be on her way back to WWE.

Baszler refused to comment and then went out and destroyed Logan in what was meant to look like a shoot-style match. Starting with an MMA-style mount and reigning punches on her opponent, when she got up, Baszler proceeded to stomp on and break Logan’s arm. Logan began to cry in pain, the match was announced as over and Baszler declared the winner because Logan couldn’t continue. There was a slight mess up as the announcer accidentally announced Logan as the winner, but it was Baszler who, in fact, won.

Everything about this angle was well done and it lends to the idea that Rousey is coming back. Are we about to see a series of matches where Baszler goes shoot-style on all of her opponents? Is it setting up a Baszler vs Rousey bout? Or, is Baszler showing her allegiance to Rousey by wrestling in an MMA style, proving MMA fighters are the better and more tougher opponents?

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