WWE: Bray Wyatt Returns With New Gimmick

WWE is known for giving fans a twist when they least expect it. They’d do so Monday night on Raw when Bray Wyatt would return to the program in a new role. Rather than playing a dark, cult-like leader as he has in the past, Wyatt would return to welcome the WWE Universe to the “Firefly Fun House.”

In this segment, Wyatt would return and state that he was once a very bad man. Because of this, he was “barbarically punished for his wrongdoings” and that the old part of him is dead. He’d even use a chainsaw to chop up a cardboard cutout of his old character.

This led to a new, happy Wyatt who would be joined by Mercy the Buzzard and Penny the Witch, both seen in vignettes in recent weeks that many immediately linked to Wyatt.

The best way to explain this segment would be to say that it was straight out of an episode of “Blues Clues.”

While this return and character-change were certainly bizarre, it was a nice change of pace for both Wyatt and WWE. Wyatt’s character, though wildly popular, was undoubtedly growing stale as the company could never get him to go anywhere with it outside of one lackluster WWE Championship reign. For WWE, this was a nice way to swerve fans as the buzzard and puppet vignettes clearly pointed towards Wyatt’s return. Instead of giving fans what they expected, they’d flip the script entirely despite the end-result still being Wyatt.

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It isn’t clear how long Wyatt will keep this character or if he’ll be returning as a face or a heel when he actually returns to the ring. Still, for the first time in a while, Wyatt’s role on television is seemingly anything but predictable.

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