WWE: Seth Rollins Opponent at Money in the Bank Named

When AJ Styles was moved to Monday Night Raw, the immediate hope from fans was that he would eventually get matched up with Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship. Just one week after making the jump to the Red Brand, fans had their prayers answered as Styles would win a triple-threat match against Samoa Joe and Rey Mysterio to start the night before closing out Raw with a victory against Baron Corbin to be named the No. 1 Contender.

Rollins and Styles are arguably the two best talents in WWE today and they’ll face off at Money in the Bank for the Universal Championship in a blockbuster, dream-level match. While the match will almost certainly be the best of the night at Money in the Bank, it could also be in the running for Match of the Year when all is said and done.

It may seem like high expectations to put on a match that hasn’t happened that will likely come with very little build-up in general, but both Styles and Rollins are simply that good. With the WWE Universe firmly behind both of them as legitimate baby face competitors, it’ll be interesting to see if either finds themselves taking on the heel role throughout this feud. WWE has used double baby-face booking in the past and it’s possible that they’ll do so again with this match.

Regardless of how the story is booked leading up to the match, it promises to be must-see either way.

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