WWE Rattled By Fan Signs at SmackDown Live

If you’re a WWE fan through and through, that’s great. But, if you’re a WWE fan denying the dent AEW seems to be making on WWE programming, you’re also in denial.

This fact was no more evident than on Tuesday night when WWE security confiscated a couple of fan signs that popped up on SmackDown programming. One said, “You’re not MJF”, the other “Save us HHH.” And, if you know anything about what happened this weekend at Double or Nothing with AEW, you know exactly why WWE took those signs away.

Over the last few days, AEW has gained a lot of attention. With a fantastic first-ever pay-per-view that offered a ton of great surprises to the introduction, for many, to some future stars in the wrestling business, Double or Nothing was a hit. WWE also took a lot of flack when Raw on Monday was not a particularly good show.

So, when signs showed up on SmackDown promoting one of AEW’s new heel wizards on the mic, WWE wasn’t happy. When another fan held up a sign that said, “Save us HHH” you can just imagine the chaos that probably went on at the Gorilla Position.

Even MJF (Malcom Jacob Friedman) himself noticed the sign while watching SmackDown and tweeted a response.

WWE is Rattled

AEW may have only offered up one pay-per-view, but between Sami Zayn name-dropping the promotion on Raw this past Monday and WWE confiscating signs that reference AEW stars on Tuesday, it’s clear WWE is worried.

Either that, or they’re playing this up and trying to draw attention to themselves in the hope fans will tune in to see what else they do.

More interesting, is whether or not the “Save us HHH” sign bothered WWE because it distracted from the in-ring segment or because it was true.

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