WWE Promoting One More Big Dean Ambrose Appearance

Dean Ambrose isn’t gone from WWE quite yet. The company just announced one more big appearance from The Lunatic Fringe and he’ll team with his Shield buddies as he works the main event of a show called “The Shield’s Last Chapter”.


The event will stream live this Sunday on WWE Network. WWE.com writes:

In what will be the groundbreaking faction’s FINAL match together, Dean AmbroseRoman Reigns & Universal Champion Seth Rollins will team up for a special event, The Shield’s Last Chapter, streaming LIVE this Sunday, April 21, at 9:30 p.m. ET/6:30 p.m. PT on WWE Network. Don’t miss the legendary trio’s final ride together in WWE.

Also, Finn Bálor will be in action to defend the Intercontinental Championship.

Stay with WWE.com for more information on this special event.

Some may see this as a way to work in a storyline that might perhaps have Dean Ambrose announce he’s staying put, but more likely, this will be the one big event that sends Ambrose on his way as his contract with WWE ends towards the end of April.

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