WWE Playing With Fire: Daniel Bryan Suffers Another Concussion

WWE needs to tread cautiously now. While it was reported earlier this week that Daniel Bryan has been cleared to return to WWE action, it is also being reported that the reason he missed time since WrestleMania 35 is that he suffered another concussion.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan did sustain a concussion and with Bryan’s past history with concussions, this is not good news for WWE, even if the result is that this was not all that serious or long-term an injury. WWE hasn’t reported the injury as an official concussion but the Wrestling Observer seems confident that this is exactly what it was. So now what?

Bryan and WWE dodged a bullet here. A man who missed over three years with concussion issues, almost wasn’t cleared to return and really can’t afford another concussion, reports are WWE is happy with the news he’s not out long and that it took so long for him to suffer another one. I’m not sure this is the way they should be thinking about this.

Yes, everyone is lucky. That’s the good news. But with WWE putting Bryan out there so often in matches, as much as any full-time competitor, this was bound to happen. How long and how far are they willing to push this?

Bryan himself said he’s been surprised by how much WWE has had him wrestle since his return. Figuring it would be like 75 matches a year, Bryan said WWE just has him out there all the time. He feels it needs to be cut back.

WWE Has a Decision to Make

The problem is, WWE’s ratings are in the toilet and Bryan is one of the few true stars WWE has left in the company. Having him sit too long hurts their attempt to bounce back from this slump.

Will WWE do the right thing and limit Bryan’s matches? Will they make him a part-time performer? Or, will they continue to push the envelope here and run the risk of a more serious injury that could wind up costing Bryan a lot more away time than a few weeks?

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